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Posture, Wave of Hand, and Core

Only for running you have to set a posture? Your hand and so on?
I bet when you read that, you’ll be lazy to start one. I was one of them too

Until I get sore in my liver while running. Then I ask someone in twitter @IndoRunners about my problem. He said it was because my breath rhytm was not sync with my pace. He advice me to take 2 short breath & release 2 short breath. Thanks a lot @RezaPuspo it really helps!

Then I browse some more info from http://www.runnersworld.com/article/0,7120,s6-238-267-268-8210-0,00.html for posture while running. Keep your bone straight, wave your hand low, tight your core, then run.

I found it really helpful. I feel a light weight while running, low tension on my feet.

Or you can read http://indorunners.blogspot.com/2012_04_01_archive.html for Bahasa version. Points are mostly same.

I need to enriched my brain before doing something. Running has its own trick. I don’t have much time for running. So I have to make my running moment in outstanding quality.


pic taken from activeinspiration.tumblr.com


New Addiction

Ok. So now I’m addicted for running.

Running, jogging, whatever you name it.

My main goal for doing this was for reducing my FAT. *sigh*

Yeah that’s true. After my baby turn into 1 year last May. This baby fat still won’t go away. So should I keep pondering & wishing those fat will just go away? Then back doing some fat burner & vitamin C whatever-they-say injection again?

I don’t think it will be good final decision for me. No. It is not healthy & good at all. In the end, all those injection will made me addicted for something instant. And of course will affect my emotional or point of view if  I did it again and again.

Then I came to the moment for oh-so-many-freakin-excuses. God knows how I avoid workout everytime I had chance.

That is true some quote that said: Exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what you’re doing.

One day, I just woke up on 4.50 AM then prepare to start my run. My very first run in my life. I do hate run. I don’t like the sweat that run in my body, I don’t like the tension, I don’t like heat. I don’t like verything.

My first run was only about 0.37KM. Short eh..then in increase into 1.18KM. Into 1.35KM. Now reach 2.44KM. I was suprised by myself.

I never thought that I could do that.

My first goal to shed away those fat already accomplished.


Then who thought I earn more ‘side effect’ from running?

I’m still breastfed my baby. The amount of my pumping breastmilk already reduced a lot. I only got about 2 bottles of @100ml which can fed my baby 2 times. Then it increase into 250ml. And 300ml.

Whoa, super amazing! A mom with 14m daughter still have a lot of that breastmilk to fed??? When they all said that breastmilk after 1 year will reduce & dry? Hell, I can break all of those myths!

Oh. Did I mention that I earn those lots of breastmilk during fasting month? When some moms crying that their breastmilk decrease a lot during fasting month. While I don’t face it at all. I’m still fasting. I keep running. And my breastmilk keep running so well

Workout, any kind of it, will recover your entire blood circulation. That thing; that I believe made my breastmilk produce lot and a lot.

Then why should I stop running after I reach my shed away pounds target?

Running, gave more happiness. Good stamina. I have more power to play with my daughter too every night.

Nail It. For whatever your goal.



My Workout Motivation

I need to boost up my motivation to workout everyday.

I love Pinterest & tumblr because i can see many quotes there.

Here some motivation. Mostly I took it from here





…and so many2 more

(trying) hard to get back on track

Hardest part for moving my ass to jog is about ‘excuse’.

I excuse a lot. Tried to find ssoo many reason.
“can’t leave my baby in the morning, she breastfed a lot in the dawn”

“if I let my hubby babysit our baby in the morning, he’ll be run out his sleeping time while he used to come home late at night”

“if I join after office yoga class, I will miss my baby time”

And so on. And others.

I excuse a lot. Pondering & hoping this last 2 kilos will shed away by the wind is just a dream. Hell yeah I can keep dreaming.

Then I join Pinterest & have a lot sight seeing in the Fitness part. I found someone pin this girl

She motivates me 🙂
As simple as that.

4.50 am. Finally I made my first jog this morning.

No more excuse. My baby’s crying for her morning breastmilk? My hubby carry her along & accompany me during my jog time.
Ooh that simple.

Yeah still trying to steal another time for weight & mat works soonest.

Hello sweat shirt, sore feet. I love you.


I Miss My Super Bestie

“Teh gw gatau lo bs terima sms gw/ga. Tp aku merindu padamu..setiap hari keingetan elo aja selama disana. Sehat2 yah..love u sista..”

I miss my super bff. She’s leaving Indonesia for Umrah (small Hajj) to Mecca.

I miss her a lot.


Touched by An Angel

I was sitting. Busy on glueing ribbon to the hairclip.

My daughter was busy too. Putting on her shoulder cute bag. Waving hand to me said “taa taa”. Give her handshake.

She’s playing a role; I guess. Copying things I always did every morning before went to the office.

Then when she was about to walk. She turn her body back towards me. Slip a soft & lovely kiss on my cheek.

I was touched. Touched by an angel.
Then I was fall crying & can’t stop it.

What on earth a mother could ask for more?

(another) Clippies story

Finally I have made pairs of clippies. I just love them!

Made it for my daughter. Nieces. Neighbour. Ah just so brilliantly happy!

Yes. Crossed in my mind to accept an order, to sell them. But then, I must have think about consequences. Spare time in the night after my baby fall asleep to work it out. Lack of sleep. Office thing.
Oh I think I still couldn’t make it.

I do bow down to a friend of mine that accept order for crafting while she still a working mother. I think I still don’t want to sacrifice my beauty sleep time to do something. Hihi.

I love to name them. I keep it more easily when soon or later I want to make those clippies again.

“oh that -sahara- clip”, or
“hmm let’s make -vanilla-“.
I find it cute –> for myself.

-sahara- clippies.
A fresh color ribbon with a small pearlish ornament.

A very first trial & error first clip I ever made.



-vanilla- clippies.
Vanilla. My favorite scent & taste on everything.



-aisha- clippies.
Aisyah / Aisha / Aisah. My mother given name for my daughter.

A cute Star David / hexagram clip style in a stitch ribbon.



Do I already sound like promoting? Hahahaha..fun. I was just kidding.

But if one day I sell it. It is their stories.

I want to do something with fun. I don’t want to be pressed to do something. Let’s do the fun.

Lesson Learned Well

One thing that I remember most when I made clippies yesterday & my mom’s around, she dictate me while I’m doing things.

“you shouldn’t do that”
“it looks awful”
“you should do this”
And so on.

Did u get my point? All of them was a Negative word. Well at least it has negative effect on me.

At first I kept silence while she’s commenting me. But then I just couldn’t bear it. All those pressure from my younghood.

“mom I never look doing good in front of you, right. all I have made always consisting mistake & you always pointing on my mistake. you never appreciate what I have made. just like my school year. always like that”.

There’s a long pause after that. I hope she got the point. But I don’t care if she doesn’t.

She knows that I’m not that kinda type who will be accelerated when compared to other. I’m the girl who will break down & fall apart in revenge when compared.

Everytime those negative words spilled from her always success to make me feel like I never achieve something good.

Friends & people may see me as an attractive, fussy, noisy & happy me. While sometimes I put those mask to cover my insecure & not confidence feeling.

A lesson learnt very well on that day. I will not treat my kiddos the same. All of their small achievement is important for me.

I have to bear in mind that my kiddos ‘value’ is different from my ‘value’. I should honour theirs.

Appreciation is needed. It will always will. Especially parents appreciation.

I have to be a supportive parents. I have to. I need to.

I need to appreciate myself.

The Clippies

So here it goes, finally made 2 pair of clippies for my daughter. Oh so happy haha!

It wasn’t fancy schmuncy one. Still got unorganized in one or two places. But I do my best.


Actually I have made 3 pairs. But my mom came around & hijack 1 pair for my niece. Yeah, hope it will not embarasing me later with those still-got-untidy-result.


“If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she’s my lovely one

And if my time on earth were through
And she must face this world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past
Gonna be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes”

to my loveliest daughter; Kay.

If Tomorrow Never Comes.-
Ronan Keating