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Month: January, 2013


Let me reveal some reason why am I being shocked & a bit denial when knowing i’m pregnant last Wed (3rd Jan).

– I recently bought 34D bra cup & leaving those 38D bra cup behind
– Since I can wear 34D cup again, means I came back to M size for clothes. Huu Yaa!
– I’m leaving 33″ jeans size to wear 28″
– I just bought 7cm heels peeptoe & leaving those silly black flat crocs behind.
– And i just bought, more than 4 fancy clothes that suit my size now!!!

And thinking I’ve to wear those 38D, XL, 33″, crocs again makes me dizzy.

I have 1 day to mourn, got mad & shock about all of it. Then I thought, a lot of friend still trying to get their first child for years & am denying?

But most of all, I dont want to grow a baby inside of me that full of rage. I want my baby to grow in happiness.

So, fancy schmancy clothes, see you 1 year from now!


Week 5

Me: ngantuk terus, tapi kalo diajakin lari rasanya pengen loncat lansung dr kasur

Kondisi: slight nausea, heuh gini rasanya mual2. Pilek ga brenti2 dari Natal 2012.

Perut: belum menggendut, masih gendut gelambir hahaha..

Olahraga: lumayan kemarin bisa lari 3K. Rasanya bahagia sekali.

Kay: jadi galak, sering pukul maminya 😦 gampang ngambek, minta nyanya terus & gendong terus. Sedih deh dipukulin terus..
mamiloveuBIG3, you know..

35 weeks to go, be strong baby..

A Beautiful Gift



Alhamdulillah ya Allah.
Diberi rejeki & kepercayaan untuk punya anak lagi.

Due date 5 Sept 2013. Doakan kami sehat-sehat semua.