Posture, Wave of Hand, and Core

by widyarustiawan

Only for running you have to set a posture? Your hand and so on?
I bet when you read that, you’ll be lazy to start one. I was one of them too

Until I get sore in my liver while running. Then I ask someone in twitter @IndoRunners about my problem. He said it was because my breath rhytm was not sync with my pace. He advice me to take 2 short breath & release 2 short breath. Thanks a lot @RezaPuspo it really helps!

Then I browse some more info from,7120,s6-238-267-268-8210-0,00.html for posture while running. Keep your bone straight, wave your hand low, tight your core, then run.

I found it really helpful. I feel a light weight while running, low tension on my feet.

Or you can read for Bahasa version. Points are mostly same.

I need to enriched my brain before doing something. Running has its own trick. I don’t have much time for running. So I have to make my running moment in outstanding quality.


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