New Addiction

by widyarustiawan

Ok. So now I’m addicted for running.

Running, jogging, whatever you name it.

My main goal for doing this was for reducing my FAT. *sigh*

Yeah that’s true. After my baby turn into 1 year last May. This baby fat still won’t go away. So should I keep pondering & wishing those fat will just go away? Then back doing some fat burner & vitamin C whatever-they-say injection again?

I don’t think it will be good final decision for me. No. It is not healthy & good at all. In the end, all those injection will made me addicted for something instant. And of course will affect my emotional or point of view if  I did it again and again.

Then I came to the moment for oh-so-many-freakin-excuses. God knows how I avoid workout everytime I had chance.

That is true some quote that said: Exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what you’re doing.

One day, I just woke up on 4.50 AM then prepare to start my run. My very first run in my life. I do hate run. I don’t like the sweat that run in my body, I don’t like the tension, I don’t like heat. I don’t like verything.

My first run was only about 0.37KM. Short eh..then in increase into 1.18KM. Into 1.35KM. Now reach 2.44KM. I was suprised by myself.

I never thought that I could do that.

My first goal to shed away those fat already accomplished.


Then who thought I earn more ‘side effect’ from running?

I’m still breastfed my baby. The amount of my pumping breastmilk already reduced a lot. I only got about 2 bottles of @100ml which can fed my baby 2 times. Then it increase into 250ml. And 300ml.

Whoa, super amazing! A mom with 14m daughter still have a lot of that breastmilk to fed??? When they all said that breastmilk after 1 year will reduce & dry? Hell, I can break all of those myths!

Oh. Did I mention that I earn those lots of breastmilk during fasting month? When some moms crying that their breastmilk decrease a lot during fasting month. While I don’t face it at all. I’m still fasting. I keep running. And my breastmilk keep running so well

Workout, any kind of it, will recover your entire blood circulation. That thing; that I believe made my breastmilk produce lot and a lot.

Then why should I stop running after I reach my shed away pounds target?

Running, gave more happiness. Good stamina. I have more power to play with my daughter too every night.

Nail It. For whatever your goal.