(trying) hard to get back on track

by widyarustiawan

Hardest part for moving my ass to jog is about ‘excuse’.

I excuse a lot. Tried to find ssoo many reason.
“can’t leave my baby in the morning, she breastfed a lot in the dawn”

“if I let my hubby babysit our baby in the morning, he’ll be run out his sleeping time while he used to come home late at night”

“if I join after office yoga class, I will miss my baby time”

And so on. And others.

I excuse a lot. Pondering & hoping this last 2 kilos will shed away by the wind is just a dream. Hell yeah I can keep dreaming.

Then I join Pinterest & have a lot sight seeing in the Fitness part. I found someone pin this girl

She motivates me 🙂
As simple as that.

4.50 am. Finally I made my first jog this morning.

No more excuse. My baby’s crying for her morning breastmilk? My hubby carry her along & accompany me during my jog time.
Ooh that simple.

Yeah still trying to steal another time for weight & mat works soonest.

Hello sweat shirt, sore feet. I love you.