(another) Clippies story

by widyarustiawan

Finally I have made pairs of clippies. I just love them!

Made it for my daughter. Nieces. Neighbour. Ah just so brilliantly happy!

Yes. Crossed in my mind to accept an order, to sell them. But then, I must have think about consequences. Spare time in the night after my baby fall asleep to work it out. Lack of sleep. Office thing.
Oh I think I still couldn’t make it.

I do bow down to a friend of mine that accept order for crafting while she still a working mother. I think I still don’t want to sacrifice my beauty sleep time to do something. Hihi.

I love to name them. I keep it more easily when soon or later I want to make those clippies again.

“oh that -sahara- clip”, or
“hmm let’s make -vanilla-“.
I find it cute –> for myself.

-sahara- clippies.
A fresh color ribbon with a small pearlish ornament.

A very first trial & error first clip I ever made.



-vanilla- clippies.
Vanilla. My favorite scent & taste on everything.



-aisha- clippies.
Aisyah / Aisha / Aisah. My mother given name for my daughter.

A cute Star David / hexagram clip style in a stitch ribbon.



Do I already sound like promoting? Hahahaha..fun. I was just kidding.

But if one day I sell it. It is their stories.

I want to do something with fun. I don’t want to be pressed to do something. Let’s do the fun.