Hidden Hobby / Just Following Trend (?)

by widyarustiawan

If i have to choose between wasting time to mess up in the kitchen or sit back and sewing. I definitely choose to mess up the kitchen.

But later –> especially when u have a daughter; you want to dress her in accute cuteness. Fancy stuff like cute dress, lovely tee, fun hair bow, adorable clippie and stuff. She’s a doll!

So I start to remodel her old baby jumper into a cute tee, adding some fancy handmade stitches. Aww I feel so happy!

I thought I just following the trend of the hip crafty society in town, ah hell, I don’t care if I’m following it. I produce something that make me happy. Its enough as the reason.

Maybe it all start when I decide to make my daughter own goodie bag on her birthday.


Then I have some unused fabric. And this brain can’t stop thinking “what can I do with these all”.

Here are some of things I’ve made in my leisure time. Ah leisure time? Let’s just call it ‘sneak out time’

From Jumper to a Cute Tee:


Cute Tee & Diaper Bag


Will it become a brooch or hair ornament?


Soon. Hair bow & clippie project. Can’t hardly wait the material arrived.