Get Well Soon Baby..

by widyarustiawan

After I got chicken pox couple of weeks ago. Now’s my baby’s turn to deal with it.

Yeah I know that it is a part of human living to fall when got sick & happy when all healthy.

But I just couldn’t bear to see her sad eyes.

I think most mother in the world would say “hey God, please let me feel the pain & take it all from my baby”.

On the other side, I’m a working mom. It’s a huge dillema to leave my baby home with her nanny. I don’t want her to be hugged by other instead of her mum. But sometimes there are times I just can’t leave it all back at the office. It was called: responsibility. And I hate when it comes to choose.

Get Well Soon Baby K, mami luurrvess you so much.


Haha! That is the cutest smile ever from a sick baby. My baby.