Cupcake Project

by widyarustiawan

euh..i have an issue.

actually i want to make my own cupcake or cookies for my dottie’s goodiebag. then i bought new electric oven. some might call it ‘convection oven’.

i browse a lot and a lot before bought this one.

my electric oven

then with a HUGE confidence after making several success in the kitchen using old gas stove; i made my first batch of cuppies.

the result turn to be sucks. haha!

sink in the middle. the batter still wet inside. uh-uh what can be worst? and this batch consist of 20 cuppies! who’s gonna eat that?

then i made several baking batch again. this oven works about 2 – 3 times a week. buying more butter, another eggs, powdered sugar, more cake flour. asking my mate who already a pro for making cakes. i interrupt her everyday! haha..thanks a lot Nita :-*

still fail. and i began to be verrry f.r.u.s.t.a.t.e.d. while still have curiousity to bake some more.

how dare i was wishing to give this kinda lame thing inside my dottie’s goodie bag? shame on me!

then i found this recipe. i said ”hey nothing to worry much here, i will bake only for 2 cuppies here, should be good cause i made it a day before my hubby’s birthday”

i reduce the heat from the recipe. add length of time. i turn it all from down below to upper rack. cross finger. whispering Bismillah everytime i stir the batter. cross finger.

here it goes:

Vanilla Cupcake

yaay! finally it raise up! then i made the frosting: 

 oh so happy! since my hubby do not like an intense sweet taste on everything, i add lemon zest to my frosting. 

my maid said: you should bake with love, ma’am”

oh darn right.

i havent bake with love before. i bake for eagerness. for curiousity. i bake for a due date of my dottie’s birthday call.

i forgot to pour ‘love’ inside it. 

a lesson learnt very well. thank you Nanny for reminding me!

still 3 or maybe 10 steps from perfection. but i’m totally happy for the result. let’s bake some more tonight! 

i think its a good start. i get into this new oven everytime i baked one. without those failure (and throwing cash on eggs, flour, cream cheese, …) i will never learn.

for now, let’s smile & dance