verbal sexual harrashment

by widyarustiawan

yeah i know my office is half factory, there are so many factroy worker that less educated work here.

less educated means less attitude (sometime)

this morning i get through one of those verbal sexual harrashment again. i could not accept it any longer. i do not wear any sexy clothes, i do not invite them to tease me, i do not make any sexual gesture.

they’re just being prat and piece of shit.

hey! i’m a mother of one daughter! don’t just trying to mess with me or hell yeah i will kick your tiny brain!



Dear Bapak-Bapak,
I, on behalf of woman colleagues in Pulomas Premise would like to express our dissapointment on several Factory Colleagues.
There are many times we have to get through verbal sexual harrashment if we passed Factory to go to Building A.
Once or twice, we can understand the situation that they just joking or did not mean it.
However, later the issue is getting more serious nowadays.
This morning I walk through and some of them say ”bisa kali..bisa kali”
which means in Indonesia slank wording is equal as they are trying to say that they can use me (us; woman) as a whore.
This wording is not only spit out to me, it also suffered by one of my Secretary colleagues in KOKSI.
As you can see, I do not wear any sexy clothes and neither do my friends.
Several months ago there were some of my friends also got pinch on part of her body.
I hope you can track and advice our Factory Colleagues how to behave and speak right & proper.
We do love our job, we do love our work environment,
I, we, hope in the future at the soonest will not suffer a verbal sexual harrashment any longer.

 If one of the solutions will be all woman colleagues shall avoid get through Factory, I can accept that.But make sure those kind of sexual harrashment will not be applied in any other place in this Premise.

I am sorry if there are several vulgar wording that stated here, but it has to be stated properly in this case.
Thank you for your attention & cooperation for this matter.
You can contact me in person to get detail of the story.