by widyarustiawan

i love my hair, i love it more when it has a long – sleek and smooth one. it gives me more confidence through all my appearance.

this is me on Sept 2009 the bridezilla 🙂 a common type of a girl who wants to get married then lengthen her hair before the Day. i love it so much!!!


and this is me after the wedding on June 2010! i cut my hair short because of the hair fall fo using a lot of hair product on the wedding, my hair is getting thin and thinner 😦


then after i gave birth i have a super lame hairstyle.

flat. flat. flat. i hate it. and even i cut it for the sake of prevent the hairfall reason, it is still fall down.

**i did not take any pic of this moment, i dont like my hairstyle at all*


taa daa! this is new me, super-fab-momtastic me! *pelis deh wiidd! b aja lagih!*

just cut it short this Dec 2011 😀

i feel cute, edgy but cute

 before that, here is the email between me & hubby for asking permission inform him to cut my hair short (permission wtf? my hair didn’t grow on his head either)

Princess: hi hon, pick one hairstyle hon

Knight: for Kay?

Princess: for me laah…

Knight: oohh..ok just make sure it will not too short



errrr…by the way, this is not the shortest hair style i ever have, THIS is the shortest one, back in 1998 – 1999 was the time

sometimes, a chick only need a fast & super short hairstyle to bright up the day 😉