(new) boss = (new) rule

by widyarustiawan

Dear All,
Please observe the following:
1. Incase you are not in place, please transfer back your manager phone access to him. Ask IT if the phone has not been programmed yet.
2. Remain all the staff for using absence machine (in-out daily).
3. Working area tidiness and cleanness.
4. For yourself please do come earlier than your manager. I can accept flexible time, but for regular task such as secretary should be possible with fixed time. Please manage to be available not more than 08:30AM.
Best Regards,



so today i drove my car as fast as i could start on 08.15 am and touch down on my office at 08.33 am *sigh*

and hell, he’s going out of town to visit customer today



i should woke up earlier than before, it means on 05.30 am or 05.00 am

if i have to woke up earlier, it means i have to go to bed earlier at 09.00 pm

if i have to go to bed earlier, it means i have to lessen my baby play time

then it goes like this,

if i go to the office earlier, i have to skip my baby breakfast time, or her bath time? or both of em?



ARRGGHHHHH!!!! i hate time management if its relate with my baby K