broken friendship

by widyarustiawan

once i have bffs, a big circle of bffs then it torn apart until today. i’m not proud of the way i’m losing them all, but i’m not sorry either. i’m moving on

hey i’m not perfect friend either, i have made my mistake too, i was too selfish, too radical, too idealistic, even sometimes my mouth spit a word and regret it later on.

sometime i have to let go some bff because i oftenly become their shadow. people do not notice me around. i’m glued to a word ”a friend of …” for a smarter, or preetier, or famous one. i’m sick of those thing. i want people know me for what i am. and when i set them off, i feel free. i feel fine.

or one time, i have to let go off a bff because she stab me from behind for whatever reason it is.


friends, i have a lot of friends, partner in crime, besties. but i only have 1 person to call as my soulmate

my enemy, my sad, frown, my happines, my besties and my overjoyed sister

i miss you teteh, been more than 6 months we haven’t met but it doesnt make our sistership gone through the sand



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